Institutions Coalition Bargaining Update 3/1/11

Sorry about the delay on this email update. The Institutions Coalition met with management for the first time on February 8, 2011. We first went over the ground rules and travel time expectations. We put 5 proposals across the table, while management only put 1 housekeeping proposal across the table that would clean up references in the contract. Management did state that they are working on 2-3 other proposals for the next bargaining session.

Attending: Joe Schaeffer(SEIU), Shawna Akin(SEIU), Randall Davis, Kari Wilson, Janet Ferris, Dan Ferguson, Ben McCanna, Laurie Robertson, Dan Smith, Brant Johnson, and Lee Orton. Management attending: Glen West, Glenn Smith, Sid Thompson, Billy Martin, Darcy Streyhand, Cheryl Miller, Kathy Deacon

Management’s proposal:
Housekeeping proposal – Delete all references to Eastern Oregon Training Center (EOTC) throughout the contract. Amend all references to DHS Institutions to OHA (Oregon Health Authority) Institutions.

Union Proposals:
Art. 32.2C,E,G,H Sec. 5 – The meal penalty pay has been stuck at $5.50 for as long as we can remember so we are asking for an increase to $10 for OYA, OSH BMRC and Pendleton.

Art. 45.2C,E,G,H Sec. 2 – The current language only gives 3 days notice of open positions for “Professional” classifications like Psychologists and we are proposing they get the same 5 days as everyone else.

Art. 90.2H Sec. 6 – This would be an added section to this article, labeled shift assignments. This would mean that new and vacated shifts will be offered to other staff based on seniority just as they do at OYA and OHA. (Currently you have to go through an interview and scoring process).

Art. 97.2C,E,G,H Sec. 2 – Increasing comp time limit to 120 from 60 to give people more flexibility to hold onto their time.

Art 121.2 Sec. 2 – We are asking them to add language that night shift trainings will be made available for the night shift workers so they won’t need to adjust their schedule or work double shifts.

There were only a few clarifying questions that were asked by management about the proposals that we put across the table, no proposals were tentatively agreed upon at this time. We will be meeting with management again today, Tuesday, March 1, and will be presenting more proposals at that time.

Let me know if you have any questions.

In unity,

Shawna Akin
SEIU 503 – Organizer

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