Institutions Coalition Bargaining Update 3/22/11

The Institutions Coalition met with management, Tuesday evening, March 22nd. We tentatively agreed upon our proposal of Article 45.2 C,E,G-Filling of Vacancies. The current language only gives 3 days notice of open positions for “Professional” classifications such as Psychologist positions, our proposal was that they get the same 5 days notice as everyone else. Management also had a counter-proposal to our proposal regarding Article 10.2A-Union Steward’s/Rights, there has not been an agreement yet, at this time.

Management has concluded their initial placeholder proposals that would make significant changes to the shift bidding and tumble process that would require it be an annual process for members at OYA, we see many problems with this proposal which affects 6 different Articles within the contract. This has not been agreed upon, nor has a counter proposal been made at this point.

At this point, you probably have heard what the State has proposed on the economics at the Central Table: Wage and step freezes, placing a cap on healthcare premiums, eliminating the 6% PERS pickup, and continuing furloughs or a 3% wage reduction. This averages out to an approximate 20%-25% cut in pay. This is an all cuts proposal and is unacceptable. We need to make sure that we stand in solidarity to show management that we will not accept this proposal and that we have the strength in numbers to winning a fair contract. You can do this by participating in any of the worksite actions, join the Contract Action Team (CAT) and purpling up on Tuesday’s. If we do nothing, there is no fight.

If you have not yet filled out a budget survey do so on our website: These surveys will help us identify areas where the state can save money beyond the balancing the budget on the backs of frontline employees.

There are hundreds of state contracts that expire this year besides ours, however, when they look at making concessions, they always look at our contract and our paycheck. These other contracts need the same scrutiny with the state that ours receives, for equal sacrifice. If you have not yet signed the US Bank petition sign it today at

Our next bargaining session will be Tuesday, April 5th.

In Unity,

Institutions Bargaining Team

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