Tentative Agreement

DAS/OUS Bargaining Delegates Recommend Ratification
The toughest contract negotiation in recent memory concluded shortly before midnight on Friday with a tentative contract agreement assuring every member a net increase in take-home pay.

It fell short of some goals but the DAS/OUS Central Bargaining Team and elected Bargaining Delegates recommend ratification to DAS members, who should receive full details and ballots by August 5.  Classified University workers are covered by wage and benefit aspects of the agreement, but continue to bargain on steps, furloughs and non-economic issues.

After seven months of intense bargaining and countless rallies, pickets, and calls to the Governor, members won pay increases that ensure that everyone will have an increase in take-home pay over the life of the contract and have beaten back all but one of the State’s proposed takeaways.

• We won on PERS by defeating 36 bills attacking our retirement and successfully resisting cuts at the bargaining table.

• We won cost of living raises and a step increase at a time when state employees elsewhere are seeing significant cuts to take-home pay. We have held the line in Oregon, thanks to the participation of members like you.

• We avoided thousands of layoffs by winning on many of the recommendations in our Moving Oregon Forward report and restoring millions of dollars to the budgets that fund our jobs and the services we provide. The thousands of Oregon teacher layoffs are a testament to how things could have turned out if we hadn’t protected our budgets.

• We knew we’d have to make sacrifices, but we succeeded in making sure that the state’s budget crisis was not disproportionately settled on our backs. We pushed hard for fairness, and have reached a tentative agreement that includes paying a share of the healthcare premium, continued furloughs, and a one-year step freeze. And we extracted an agreement from the Governor that furloughs will not be built into his next recommended budget.

There are dozens of economic and non-economic gains, too many to summarize here.  Members will receive a complete explanation of all the changes with their ratification ballot. The SEIU 503 Research Department is working on an online calculator to allow all members to determine how their wages will improve over the life of the contract. The calculator should be available mid-week.

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