DAS agreement ratified

The tentative collective bargaining agreement for 2011-2013 has been ratified by the DAS membership.  With over 7300 ballots cast, 76% of voters approved the agreement*.  The elections committee, made up of volunteer retirees, conducted the ballot count. The election has been certified by our Statewide Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Casey and Elections Committee Chair John Hawkins.  A breakdown of the certified ratification results by bargaining unit is as follows:

DAS – Strike-Permitted 4487 1515 75%
DAS – Strike-Prohibited 186 71 72%
OUS 913 197 82%
TOTAL 5586 1783 76%

*When the three bargaining unit percentages were combined into one overall percentage, a math error was committed which led to an initial report of 77%.  This error has been corrected here.

Even though this was not a contract that any of us were thrilled with, we are gratified that a strong majority of members agreed that this was the best agreement possible in the current environment.  We are also proud that, in the democratic tradition of this union, there was considerable and open debate on the merits of this agreement.

There is much work ahead.  The attacks we faced over the last year – on PERS, our healthcare, and our very right to have a collective voice – will likely occur again in the 2012 legislative session.  While we will organize to defend against these attacks, we must also continue our Moving Oregon Forward work to find solutions and savings that show Oregon’s state employees represented by Local 503 are the best champions of quality services and jobs.  From ensuring fair implementation of HB 2020 (imposing manager-to-worker ratios) to uncovering scandals like the DAS Facilities debacle, SEIU 503 members will continue to be in the forefront of prioritizing frontline services and advocating for Oregon’s citizens.

For OUS members, the central table agreement covers healthcare, PERS, and cost-of-living raises.  Now that we have locked in these conditions, we have to keep up the pressure on OUS so we can build on this agreement.  As listed in the previous update [link to latest update that has the full list of terms being fought over], OUS is still insisting on a contract that continues unshared sacrifice and fails to ensure equity on campuses and when compared to DAS workers.

Now is the time to let OUS know you want to be taken seriously:

  • Sign a Strike Pledge card if you have not done so already.
  • Call Governor Kitzhaber (503-378-3111) and tell him to support a truly equitable settlement — not one that pays us less than other state workers and subjects us to unshared sacrifices on our own campuses.
  • Call Chancellor Pernsteiner (503-725-5700) and demand that he use the newly established independence won with passage of SB 242 to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement.
  • Come to bargaining at WOU on September 2.  We are inviting all OUS and DAS members in the valley area to come to Monmouth for a massive rally and showing of support for our SEIU 503 bargaining team.

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