Find your steward

Each SEIU sub-local decides whether or not to post steward names and contact information online.

If your sub-local has its own website, you can find it in the list at the bottom of this page. If your sub-local does not have a website or has chosen not to post steward contact information online, contact the SEIU Local 503 Member Resource Center:

  • Adult Foster Care, Nursing Homes: 1.877.637.2611
  • Homecare, Child Care, Addus: 1.877.451.0002
  • State workers: 1.877.772.6551
  • Local Government, Private Non-Profit, and University workers:
Member Resource Center E-mail Addresses
Adult Foster Homes: AdultFosterCare (at)
Child Care: ChildCare (at)
DHS: DHSAgencies (at)
Homecare: Homecare (at)
OUS: HigherEd (at)
Institutions: Institutions (at)
Local Government: LocalGov (at)
Non Profit: NonProfits (at)
Nursing Homes: NursingHomes (at)
ODOT Coalition: ODOTCoalition (at)
Specials Coalition: Specials (at)

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