Homecare Local 99 election results

This is the official posting of Local 99 Homecare Council and General Council election results. Winners will individually confirm acceptance of the position and the membership status will be verified to determine eligibility.

Homecare Council

President – Rebecca Sandoval
Vice President – Joy’e Willman
Secretary Treasurer – Bobbie Sotin
Chief Steward – Phyllis Wills

District 1 Director – Pam Walsh
District 1 Director – Annie Smith
District 1 Assistant Director – SaunDra Thomaston
District 1 Assistant Director – Tina Perkins

District 2 Director – James Parker
District 2 Director – Sharon Larson
District 2 Assistant Director – Valerie Dorrell
District 2 Assistant Director – Julnar Munsell

District 3 Director – Terry Haydon
District 3 Director – Mark Prever
District 3 Assistant Director – Charles Pike

District 4 Director – Cynde Canepa
District 4 Director – LJ Denney
District 4 Assistant Director – Shelly Allen
District 4 Assistant Director – Shiela Daly

District 5 Director – Anita Pecoff
District 5 Director – Ericka Hogg

District 6 Director – Alice Redding
District 6 Director – Deanna Wanke

General Council

Mary Hubert Godwin
Steven Wright
Nadezha Volobuev
Joy Vegar
Jackie Tanguay
Alice Schneider Romero
Linda Robles
Adam Riggs
Bonnie Palmer
Jeanine Malito
Gertrude Lynch
Taeik Logan
Maureen Lecuyer
Carolynn Kohout
Jennifer Havens
Sheila Daly
Tristan Canepa
Paula Brock
Kim Stichler
Angie Mittelstaedt
Barbara Ferguson
Brian Pung
Linda Minshew
Noelle Lowes
Laura Harrison
Carla Neith
Alicia Gauvain Barney
Deborah Owen
Mary Hubert Godwin
Joy’e Willman
Bobbie Sotin
Phyllis Wills
Pam Walsh
Annie Smith
SaunDra Thomaston
Tina Perkins
James Parker
Sharon Larson
Valorie Dorrell
Julnar Munsell
Terry Haydon
Mark Prever
Charles Pike
Cynde Canepa
LJ Denney
Shelley Allen
Shiela Daly
Ericka Hogg
Deanna Wanke
Rebecca Sandoval
Anita Pecoff
Holy Fries
Steve Shumate
Alice Redding
Patrick Featherstone

The Homecare Local is allocated 61 General Council delegates, inclusive of elected statewide officers, district directors and assistant directors.  In the case of a tie that impact a member’s ability to serve as a General Council delegate, the candidate may voluntarily move into an ‘alternate’ position.

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