We Are Oregon offers community centered solutions to foreclosure

The We Are Oregon Foreclosure Committee has been confronting the foreclosure crisis in North and Northeast Portland by holding “know your rights” meetings, bringing isolated homeowners together to learn about the nuts and bolts of homeowner rights throughout the foreclosure process.

Community members then gathered into delegations and visited local bank branches in support of homeowners who were being treated unfairly by the bank. They presented letters to managers, and held call-ins to show that they wouldn’t sit in silence while the banks took their homes. Together, we have stood up to banks and have secured better loans for several homeowners who were facing unmanageable mortgages.

Members of our foreclosure committee have recently made public announcements of their intention to remain in their homes, regardless of pending eviction orders. In the coming months we’ll be supporting homeowners who are taking direct action against foreclosure, and continue to find ways for our communities to confront big banks.

For more information on community centered solutions to foreclosure, contact Rebeca Beeman.

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If you are dealing with foreclosure and need assistance please contact info@weareoregon.org. If you have been receiving threatening letters from the bank or a lender, read ‘Don’t Move Out,’ information on fighting foreclosure from We Are Oregon. Finally, if you would like to join We Are Oregon’s Foreclosure Resistance Team, you can sign up here.

We are Oregon was originally launched by Oregon’s SEIU Locals 49 and 503, with the intention of broadening the fight on issues that affect working class Oregonians beyond the workplace, and into the communities hit hardest by the current economic crisis.

We’re fighting for a fair economy, where working class people have a voice in our own future, and in how our own communities are run. We see the current economy as inherently unfair, because the priorities of banks, corporations and the rich take precedence in almost every situation over the needs of our families and communities.

For more information, visit We Are Oregon.

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