DAS bargaining update: 6/10/2013

We started to make some progress on language issues at the bargaining table last week. We reached a tentative agreement on telecommuting that will increase opportunities for people whose jobs are flexible enough to allow working from home. In addition, we expanded bereavement rights by adding aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews to the list of people for whom you can take leave.

We are still holding firm on our demand for a fair economic package because ending furloughs is not a raise!!

In regional actions all across the state from Klamath Falls to Tillamook, we have been demonstrating our strength. More than 3500 people have participated in these actions! At the bargaining table, we are moving our timeline forward to be in the strongest position possible to win a fair contract. To that end, we declared “impasse” on Friday. Impasse means that, while we will continue to bargain in hopes of arriving at an agreement, we are fulfilling the legal timelines required to be able to invoke our right to strike.

What can you do to win a fair contract?

  1. Sign yourself and your coworkers up on a strike pledge. We need to demonstrate to the state just how serious members are about a return to economic stability. This is separate from authorizing a strike; a formal vote to do so will likely happen in early July.  Click here to download the strike pledge petition or an FAQ on strike preparations.
  2. Attend a regional meeting in the second half of June to get bargaining updates and discuss strike preparations.
  3. Plan a contract expiration picket at your workplace June 27-July 2.

The Bargaining Team is hitting the road again next week for our second roadshow – we will be visiting worksites and attending regional meetings across the state. Please come share your thoughts and questions!

Also next week:What happens when 40 members pile onto a bus to bring our message of a fair contract across Oregon?  No, it’s not a reality TV show; the Flying Squadron 2013 hits the road on Monday. Track their adventures through photos and video, or better still: invite the Squadron to your worksite for a rally, picket or sit-in!

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