The Flying Squadron: Coming Soon to a Worksite Near You!

The Flying Squadron is a group of super-activists criss-crossing Oregon and inspiring members to stand up for a fair contract and a fair economy. In two weeks, the flying squad traveled 2,500 miles, went through 6 bio-regions, saw two rainbows, and raised the roof in 60 actions throughout nearly every corner of the state.  If that’s what 38 people on a bus can do imagine what 55,000 people can do!  Members worked very hard planning, developing, organizing for and running every action.

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What does the Flying Squadron stand for?

Wall Street banks and corporations have dealt the Oregon a one-two punch. First Wall Street banks spiraled us into the recession of a generation by manipulating interests rates. Next, corporations like Nike flatlined growth by not paying their fair share back to the state: Oregon’s corporate tax burden is the second lowest in the nation.

These are not victimless wrongdoings. Because of our recessed and flatlined economy, Oregon schools are the third most crowded in the U.S., we have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation, one in two Oregonians are retiring into poverty and our vital public services are underfunded.

Our economy is slowly recovering, but we can’t continue to make the mistakes that got into this mess in the first place. We need a fair economy that doesn’t favor the wealthy over workers. That means:

  • A fair contract–including a return to economic stability–for public and publicly funded workers.

  • Ending corporate tax loopholes and making everyone pay their fair share.

  • Ending business relationships with Wall Street banks until they return the money they stole from Oregon.

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