State Worker bargaining focuses on family

DAS Barg 2015AYesterday, we introduced a new set of proposals centered around the theme of “Families.” Many of these proposals focus on ways to update workplace policies to reflect the needs of families such as job sharing, telecommuting and teleworking, and adjusting work schedules. Following the lead of other Oregon employers, such as Intel and Laughing Planet Cafe, we are also proposing paid parental leave to bond with and care for a new baby or adopted child.

We know that when workers have the right balance between their work and family life, everyone benefits. Helping workers to achieve that balance is not restricted to the bargaining table, both Heather Conroy and Steve Demarest testified at a legislative hearing this week at the capitol on paid sick leave for all Oregonians.

Our first lobby day is an Economic Justice Lobby Day on February 24, where we’ll be fighting for a Fair Shot for All. Joining us for a Lobby Day is one of the best ways to support bargaining right now.

We meet with the management team again on March 4. Do your part to win a fair contract by joining your co-workers for a weekly purple-up day and participating in a rally at your worksite in mid-March. On March 17 & 18, we’ll be holding over 100 rallies across the state to emphasize that we should all have a Fair Shot – in our contract and in our communities.

Sign up for Lobby Days now!

In Unity,

State Worker Central Table Bargaining Team

Steve Demarest – Co-Chair, Employment Department
Mary Stewart – Co-Chair, Department of Revenue
Wayne Ground, Dept of Human Services / Oregon Health Authority
Brant Johnson, Oregon State Hospital
Sandi Kalin, Department of Administrative Services
Noel Magee, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Rolando Ramirez, Oregon Youth Authority
Mike Scott, Oregon Department of Transportation
Heather Conroy, SEIU 503 Executive Director
Heather Blankenheim, SEIU 503 Staff

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