Sub-Local Elections Nomination Forms

In most cases, nomination forms will be made available online by Noon on the nomination opening date for each local. Nomination forms will be removed from this page as nominations close for each local. You may also obtain nomination forms by contacting your SEIU organizer or your SEIU Field Office.

Please see the Sub-Local Elections chart for exact dates and other important information.

Nomination forms in alphabetical order according to name:
Baker County Employees Association Local 596
Basin Transit Local 777
Bureau of Labor and Industries Local 839
Cascade Aids Project Local 501
Central Oregon Irrigation District Local 592
City of Beaverton Local 198
City of Cannon Beach Local 921
City of The Dalles Local 910
City of Pendleton Local 938
City of Springfield Local 995
City of Tigard Local 199
Comprehensive Options for Drug Abuse
Local 963
Coos Bay/North Bend Water Local 697
Curry County Local 985
Department of Agriculture Local 603
Department of Administrative Services Local 125
Department of Consumer and Business Services Local 440
Department of Fish and Wildlife Local 109
Department of Forestry Local 629
Department of Human Services/Oregon Health Authority Locals 200-220
Department of Justice Local 137
Department of Motor Vehicles Local 735
Department of Revenue Local 150 CLOSING DATE EXTENDED
Education Local 581
Education NW Local 905
Employment Department Local 471
Health Boards Local 333
Homecare Local 099 : English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese
Jackson County Local 497
Josephine County Local 496
Lane Council of Government Local 908
Meadow Park Local 097
Nursing Homes Local 979: English Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese
Oregon Cascades West Local 937
Oregon Commission for the Blind Local 585
Oregon Department Of Transportation Local 730
Oregon Institute of Technology Local 090Oregon Public Broadcasting Local 570
Oregon State Hospital Local 392
Oregon State University Local 83
Oregon Supported Living Program Local 902
Oregon Youth Authority Local 415
Parks and Recreation Local 733
Parry Center Local 987
Pendleton Cottage Local 393
PERS Local 459
Portland State University Local 89
Local 001
Student Access and Completion Local 575
Teachers Standards and Practices Commission Local 584
Treasury Local 170
Wallowa County Roads Local 923

Nomination forms in numerical order according to local:

Local 001 Retirees Local 596 Baker City
Local 603 Dept. of Agriculture
Local 629 Forestry
Local 83 OSU Local 697 Coos Bay North Bend Water
Local 730 ODOT
Local 89 PSU Local 733 Parks
Local 090 OIT Local 735 DMV
Local 777 Basin Transit
Local 097 Meadow Park Local 839 BOLI
Local 099 Homecare: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese Local 902 OSLP
Local 109 ODFW Local 905 Education NW
Local 125 DAS Local 908 LCOG
Local 137 Dept of Justice Local 910 City of The Dalles
Local 921 Cannon Beach
Local 150 Revenue CLOSING DATE EXTENDED Local 923 Wallowa County Roads
Local 170 Treasury
Local 198 City of Beaverton
Local 199 City of Tigard
Locals 200-220 DHS Local 937 OCWCG
 Local 938 Pendleton
Local 333 Health Boards Local 963 CODA
Local 979 Nursing Homes: English Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese
Local 392 OSH Local 985 Curry County
Local 393 Pendleton Local 987 Parry Center
Local 415 OYA Local 995 City of Springfield
Local 440 DCBS
Local 459 PERS
Local 471 Employment
Local 496 Josephine County
Local 497 Jackson County
Local 501 CAP
Local 570 OPB
Local 575 OSAC
Local 581 Education
Local 584 Teachers
Local 585 OCB
Local 592 COID


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