Marion County Works

Marion County Bargaining team.

Marion County Bargaining team.

After months of bargaining, SEIU 503 members working at Marion County have reached a tentative agreement! Bargaining team members Sara Campos, LaTricia Straw, Mary Reese, Erik Anderson, Krista Rowland, Kim Christofferson, Ed Watson, Rachel Rohrs, Maria Garibay and Trish Stephens had been in contract negotiations with Marion County management since December of 2015.

By sharing personal stories of the hardships faced every day, members won strong health care language that ensures PEBB and OEBB plan options as well as a larger County premium contribution. Beginning January 1, 2016, the County’s contribution will increase by $50. In January of 2017, the contribution will increase by $50 once again, for a $100 total raise in County contribution.

Here some highlights from the recent TA:

  • Increased vacation accruals.
  • 5% differential to the newly created floater positions to compensate for the inconsistent work schedule.
  • Strengthened reclassification request procedures.
  • 2.5% longevity step increase at 20 years of service.
  • Cost of Living Increases:
    • 1.5% cost of living increase beginning September 11, 2016.
    • 1% cost of living increase beginning July 1, 2017.
    • 1.5% cost of living increase beginning July, 1 2018.
    • 2% cost of living increase beginning July, 1 2019.
  • Strengthened temporary employee language.
  • Continuation of sick leave conversion letter of agreement.

Congratulations to the members of the Marion County Employee Association who united together to support their bargaining team throughout this months long process. Only through their hard work was this agreement made possible.

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