Homecare Professional Development Certification (PDC)

 Article 14, Section 5 in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), includes a training certification differential for homecare workers and personal support workers.

What is the purpose of the Professional Development Certification (PDC)? The purpose is to acknowledge the continued skill development and services provided by the HCW or PSW.

Is there a financial benefit for the HCW or PSW? Yes, once approved for the Professional Development Certification, the worker will earn a $.50 cent more per hour differential, above base rate pay. The certification period is 24 months, as long as all requirements are met and maintained. There will be a renewal process developed in the future, for those who are interested in renewing their certification.

What are some important dates that apply to the Professional Development Certification? Once all the requirements are met, the PSW or HCW may request a Professional Development Certification. The certification program is effective on January 1, 2017. The certification period is valid for 24 months.

Is there a funding cap? Yes. The Professional Development Certification Program’s continuation is subject to the availability of funds. If the number of homecare and personal support workers eligible for the differential exceeds more than 30% of the total number of workers the program will then be capped.  DHS/OHA/OHCC and SEIU are then required to meet and confer to keep the cost of the training differential within the available dedicated funds.

What are the requirements for the Professional Development Certification?
  • Have an active provider number.
  • Have a class attendance “no-show” rate of not more than 20%.
  • Complete these required classes: Keeping It Professional; Working Together; Helping Caregivers Fight Fraud & Abuse.
  • Choose two of these four safety-type classes: Medication Safety; Protection Against Sprains and Strains; Preventing Disease Transmission; Taking Responsibility in Personal Safety.
  • Choose two of these four elective classes: Challenging Behaviors (for HCWs); Everyone Communicates (for PSWs); Nutrition Basics; Heart Healthy.
  • Have a current CPR/First Aid certification.
  • Pass each PDC class assessment with a score of 80% or higher for each PDC class.

If I just took one of these classes a couple of months ago, can I just take the assessment and get credit? Yes, if you have taken any of the classes after October 29, 2015, you may request an assessment through and if you score at least 80%, you will get credit towards the required classes. There will be a one-time pro-rated stipend payment for the completion of each assessment. The assessment test and its implementation will be ready in August 2016 and not available at this time. Those who do not score high enough to get credit, will need to retake the class; no stipend will be available if class is taken within 12 months. You can request an assessment by sending an email to certifications.ohcc@state.or.us

How do I apply for the Professional Development Certification?

To apply for the Professional Development Certification, please mail the completed Professional Development Certification application and a copy of your CPR/First Aid cards showing current certification to:

Oregon Home Care Commission Roberta Lilly

Program Manager 676 Church Street NE Salem, Oregon 97301


If you have questions, please send an email to certifications.ohcc@state.or.us

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