Homecare and Personal Support Workers Win Tentative Agreement with the State

We’re very excited to share that—after months of bargaining—our SEIU 503 bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement with the State!

Details will be shared with represented workers soon. Some highlights include:

  • Given the budget shortfall we are proud that we protected our wages from any cuts. We will get a 15-cent increase effective April 1, 2018, bringing our base rate to $14.65/hr—one of the highest in the nation.
  • Improvements to the payroll system:
    • Homecare workers will be moving to a 14 day pay cycle (two consecutive work weeks) starting in October. This change will mean we are paid more often and on a more consistent, every-other-week schedule. Personal support workers’ pay cycle will not change.
    • Agreement that workers will be notified if there is an error on their voucher, and given an opportunity to fix it in order to get paid on time. This is a big win for our those of us who have had a pay delayed due to a small error like circling AM instead of PM.
    • An out-of-cycle check will now be run within 24 hours of any late pay error being discovered that wasn’t the worker’s fault.
    • Clear language that the State must pay any fees we incur (like overdraft fees) when they pay us late.

Next steps: Because this contract will affect all homecare workers, it needs to be voted on (or ratified) by our union membership. In the coming weeks, members will an opportunity to vote on this agreement. Please watch your email and mail for more information on how to vote.

Thanks to the hundreds of SEIU 503 members who showed up and won an agreement that lifts all workers. We’re excited about this agreement, and we’re looking forward to sharing more information with members soon!

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