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ICYMI: Union members move a Labor Day message in Oregon

This year, union members from all walks of life and every community in America shared their stories with newspapers and on TV and radio. They sent a message: unions are an important part of our communities and they’re standing strong …

Workers on Janus: A Political Effort to Further Rig the Rules Against Working People

In a rigged economy, workers say the freedom to come together in strong unions is more important than ever

WASHINGTON – The following statement was issued by members and leaders of AFSCME, AFT, NEA, and SEIU – the nation’s four …

What Will The AHCA Cost Oregon?

When U.S. House of Representatives, led by Congressman Greg Walden, passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), they voted to gut Medicaid and rip healthcare from 23 million Americans, while the rich and powerful get a massive tax break.

Oregonians …

A Broken System: There is No Simple Solution to Address Concerns at Child Welfare

By Rhonda Morgan, Statewide President DHS/OHA

OREGON—The recent coming forward of a resigning Child Welfare supervisor has once again highlighted the need for drastic reform of our child welfare system. It wasn’t investigative journalism or hearsay. The criticism this …

2019 Lobby Days – Let your voice be heard!

After years of inaction, 2019 is an opportunity for Oregon to fully fund its commitments to students, teachers, seniors, parents, people with disabilities and working families. Our benefits as workers and the future of all Oregonians rely on the legislature …

SEIU joins historic revenue coalition

SEIU members on the Board of Directors announced a plan today to join a coalition of labor and business groups who will work together to raise corporate taxes during the 2019 session.

This coalition will not require new revenue to

Dark money and astroturfing in the 2018 election

There’s real trouble brewing in the 2018 election right here in Oregon. “Dark-money” groups are pouring millions of dollars into ad campaigns that paint public employees and care providers in a bad light. We need to push back with the

SEIU 503 members united in face of Janus decision

Early this morning, the US Supreme Court issued a decision that is the latest in a long line of attacks against public workers’ wages, benefits, and voice on the job. In their Janus vs AFSCME ruling, the Court made it

What 101 means for SEIU and what’s on-deck for the 2018 legislative session

This week Oregon voters gave a resounding YES to Measure 101. The 1 million Oregonians – including 400,000 kids – who get healthcare through Medicaid can rest easy knowing they’re safe, and the state budget was spared yet another crisis.

Fighting for a brighter future in the 2016 legislative session


Today, the Oregon Legislature convened its 2016 short session. Over the next 34 days, our state will tackle many important topics, including the urgent need to raise Oregon’s minimum wage, increase access to affordable housing, and curb the widespread