About SEIU

We are an organization of more than 55,000 women and men who, by joining together, are achieving what we cannot accomplish alone. By standing together, we have a voice in our contracts and our daily work lives.

SEIU Local 503’s focus is to stop cuts to important services, create good jobs and achieve a better standard of living—including improved healthcare and retirement security—for all working people.

We provide valuable services to our communities, doing more than 500 different jobs in 85 state, local government and non-profit agencies and care facilities. The services we provide include helping deaf people get access to education, testing new drivers, collecting revenue, helping veterans, assisting at-risk youth, repairing bridges, maintaining Oregon’s parks and caring for children, seniors, and people with disabilities — just to name a few.

SEIU members keep Oregon’s highways safe. When Oregon feels the icy blast of winter, our ODOT members put in the long hours needed to clear the snow and ensure safe roads. They even build the plow blades in the LaGrande shop!

Our members with the Oregon University System register new students, provide health services on campus, manage grant programs, maintain the grounds, and do many other unseen jobs that keep Oregon’s public university campuses safe and running smoothly.

SEIU Homecare members make it possible for seniors and people with disabilities to live in dignity in their own homes as long as possible. We advocate for our clients not only in day-to-day living, but politically to protect funding for crucial services like affordable prescription drugs. SEIU members also provide care in Oregon’s nursing homes and adult foster homes.

Child Care Providers build a better future for themselves, their families, and the children of Oregon in their care.

The work we do touches the lives of every single Oregonian.
We are proud to stand together for the quality services we provide for our communities and families.

SEIU Local 503 members joined with other progressive locals throughout the nation and transformed SEIU into one of the fastest-growing, most democratic trade unions in North America. Our union continues to support – both in the workplace and in the community – the shift by our international union and the Change to Win Federation to bring more workers into the labor movement through an unprecedented commitment to organize the unorganized.

How We Make Decisions
Policy is developed and adopted by member leaders elected throughout Oregon.

The highest governing body of SEIU Local 503, OPEU is our General Council . Any member can run for election to be one of the 380-plus delegates to this convention, held biennially in even-numbered years. It is at this convention that we adopt our budget , and through submission of resolutions, discuss and adopt policies and goals that affect our union. Our Board of Directors governs the union between General Councils to monitor and carry out the policies that have been set. The Board of Directors meets every other month, and consists of the elected District Directors and five Statewide Officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past President and Executive Director.

An Executive Committee , made up of the Statewide Officers and three Board members elected by the Board to serve on this committee, meets during the months when the full Board of Directors does not.

CAPE — Citizen Action for Political Education — is the non-partisan political arm of our union. This group of about 30 members is elected from all areas of the state. It makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on candidate endorsements and contributions in various races. Candidates are recommended for support based on interviews, their responses to a survey, and their voting record on working people’s issues.

The elected Executive Director heads up the administrative team, which includes the President, Assistant Executive Director, Field Coordinators, the Political and Communications departments, the External Organizing Director and the Operations Director. Staffing decisions, union operations, and strategic planning are administrative functions. The day-to-day operations of the union are carried out by the dedicated organizers and support staff working with the administrative team.

Governing Documents
Bylaws | AP&P

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