Standing Committee Membership Lists
(President Rob Sisk is an ad hoc committee member of all committees if he is not specifically on a committee)

Committee and Council Synopsis

Marc Stefan,  Staff

Chair: James Jacobson, Vice President, UofO/Eugene
Member Sublocal Geography
Sue Bloomfield PERS Sherwood
Jerry Rosenkoetter Employment Division Salem
LJ Denney Homecare Worker Roseburg
Ben Ogato Homecare Worker Portland
Kurt Kessler DHS Medford
Mary Wood Retirees Lincoln City
Jose Gonzalez OSU Corvallis

Keith Quick, Staff

Chair: Steve Demarest,  Employment/Portland Metro
Member Sublocal Geography
Betty Holladay DHS-OHA Salem
Pat Nores Nursing Homes Salem
Rob Fullmer Portland State University Portland Metro
Michael Jones AFC Medford
Terry Haydon Homecare Worker Corvallis
Andy Limbird City of Springfield Springfield

Rich Peppers, Staff

Chair: Rebecca Sandoval, Secretary Treasurer; Homecare/Medford
Member Sublocal Geography
Rob Sisk, President DAS Salem
James Jacobson, Vice President UofO Eugene
Carmen Morales Mayoral DHS-OHA (OHA) Portland Metro
Bobbie Sotin Homecare Worker Coos
Lawrence Arnbrister City of Beaverton Portland Metro
Portia Moye Child Care Portland Metro
Dan Smith OSH Salem
Mary Hubert-Godwin Homecare Portland Metro
LeeLa Coleman DHS-OHA (OHA) Portland Metro

Heather Blankenheim, Staff

Chair: Vacant
Member Sublocal Geography
Steve Walsh DAS Salem
Phyllis Wills Homecare Worker Portland Metro
Mike Scott ODOT Grants Pass
Roxanne Hazen AFC Cottage Grove
S.L. Grace Nursing Homes Coos
Dan Mata Parks & Recreation Portland Metro
Julie Chase City of Pendleton Pendleton

Rebecca Kozicek, Staff

Chair: Joy’e Willman,  Homecare/Portland Metro
Member Sublocal Geography
Holly Fries Homecare Worker Portland Metro
Alice Redding Homecare Worker Columbia
Donna McKeever ODOT Salem
Roberta Laux Department of Agriculture Salem
Cindy Potucek DHS-OHA Klamath
Don Bonner DHS-OHA Portland Metro

Danica Finley, Staff

Co-Chair: Janet Ferris, OYA, Tillamook
Co-Chair: Martin Ramirez, DHS-OHA, Medford
Member Sublocal Geography
Abyssinia Trent Adult Foster Homes Salem
Rita Adamski Homecare Salem
Angie Barry Western Oregon University Monmouth
Dawn John OR Cascade West COG Newport

Civil & Human Rights Committee Facebook page
Adam Brien, Staff

Co-Chairs: Theo Ko Thompson, UofO/Eugene & Carmen Morales Mayoral, DHS-OHA/Portland Metro
Member Sublocal Geography
Vanessa Herriott DHS-OHA Grants Pass
Julio Pina Eagle Healthcare Portland
Benjamin Gerritz Cascade AIDS Project Portland
Joyce Vegar Homecare Worker Lakeside
Rose Kachadoorian Agriculture Salem
Johnny Earl University of Oregon Eugene
Ed Hunt DHS-OHA Salem
Jennifer DeJesus DAS Salem
Sam Ko Department of Education Portland

Danica Finlay, Staff

Chair: Austin Folnagy, Employment/Klamath Falls
Member Sublocal Geography
Rose Rogers Homecare Coos Bay
Richard Snearly Retirees Grants Pass
Ernie Kirchner Housing and Community Services Salem
Sara Fillion Marion County Salem
April Burris Homecare Portland


Chair: Rosanne Richard, Retiree, Salem
Staff Advisor: Molly Malone, Organizer, Local 503
Member Sublocal Geography
Christine Mulrooney Nursing Homes Corvallis
Bob Sexton Southern Oregon University Phoenix
Gloria O’Brien Oregon State University Blodgett
Linda Carrillo ODOT Baker City
Vicki Palmer Department of Revenue Salem
Janie Hanson Marion County Salem


Jennifer Snyder, Staff

Chair: Kimberly Cole, Child Care/Medford
Member Sublocal Geography
Kathleen Lamar DOJ Salem
Lorna Burnell ADDUS Eugene
JT Tanguay Homecare Worker Springfield
Kassaundra Nichols Child Care Baker
Belinda Melendez Southern Oregon University Medford
Sandi Kalin DAS Salem

Committee and Council Synopsis

Rules Committee promotes the consistency of rules as set forth in the Union’s Bylaws and Administrative Policies and Procedures, making recommendations to the Board on issues requiring clarification.

Member Representation Committee recommends Board action on matters concerning negotiation and representation of employees, election appeals and recall elections, allegations of a breach of the union’s duty of fair representation, internal union disputes, and contract ratification procedures.

Union Finance Committee develops plans for adequately financing the union, presents an annual budget to the Board and regularly reviews the fiscal operation of the union.

Stewards’ Committee coordinates steward activities statewide. The committee plans a biennial stewards’ conference, monitors steward training, and assists with lists, selection and replacement language, and development of councils and other steward networks.

Staff Screening Committee collects and reviews applications, conducts interviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Director or Department Supervisor.

Information Technology Committee, established by the 2008 General Council, is charged with exploring the use of technology to improve communications within the union and make recommendations to the Board.

Member Benefits Committee recommends Board action on benefit programs, policy positions on insurance programs, and maintenance, betterment and promotion of workers’ compensation benefits.

Civil and Human Rights Committee promotes and monitors the union’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and administers the Latino, the Lavender and the African/American caucuses to build a strong power base for pursuing issues of cultural diversity.

Member/Local Union Organizing Committee designs and supports programs in which members work on behalf of the union while on leave or release from their current employment.

Hardship Committee sets standards and criteria for local Hardship Committees for providing limited and short-term assistance to members.

Committee to Protect Injured Workers organizes, educates and mobilizes around the issues of workers’ compensation, insurance, safety and health.

Pension and Thrift Committee includes two members who help monitor the plan implementation and pension funds investment of the SEIU Local 503, OPEU staff Retirement Plan.

Fight Contracting Out Committee is charged with developing expertise in how to fight privatization and acts as a rapid response team to assist in fighting any contracting out efforts.

Operational Audit Committee is charged with operational audits, reviews, and other investigations as the Board deems necessary to assure that resources and assets are used efficiently and effectively.

Women’s Council plans conferences and institutes information, research, and lobbying programs that address issues of particular interest to the women of our union. This committee is comprised of members and a Chairperson appointed by the President and approved by the Board.

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