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SEIU Local 503 represents skilled home care service workers in Addus Health Care. Skilled home health includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, as well as Dieticians, Medical Social Workers, and Home Health Aides.

Addus Bargaining Update: Invest in front line care providers!

Our SEIU bargaining team met with Addus management on August 3 and 4, and we still have not reached an agreement for a new union contract. Main issues are down to wages and healthcare—and making sure Addus

Members of the 2015 SEIU 503 Addus Bargaining team.

Members of the 2015 SEIU 503 Addus Bargaining team.

invests in front line caregivers with the new state funding they are receiving.

Earlier this year, we did our work at the state capitol to lobby the legislature for more funding and we were successful. Our Union has been instrumental in Addus receiving increased state funding for four years in a row. Even though they will be seeing more money, Addus is still holding out on us on fair wages, and we need to make sure that money goes toward front line caregivers.

According to bargaining team member Lorna Burnell, “As a long time employee of Addus, I can’t believe we’re being treated like this. This is so disappointing and frustrating that Addus won’t agree to fair wage increases that would bring us closer to what other union workers doing the same work across the state are getting paid.”

Addus management also put a proposal on health care across the table that we feel might be illegal and not in compliance with healthcare laws. Bargaining team member Coleen Lawson said, “How can Addus Management think they can get away with breaking the law? I have to follow the laws in my daily life. How can they value their employees so little that management would rather break the law and pay fines than provide affordable health care to the care providers that are their employees?”

Our next bargaining dates are August 31 and Sept 1.

Our Bargaining Team (Sherriel Stiles, Lorna Burnell, Alexxa Gambaro, Debbie Crenshaw, Charlene Morgan-Stewart, Coleen Lawson and Tammy Scroggins) will be making calls to reach out to members asking for your support and letting you know how you can be involved.

Here’s one way you can show your support and get involved RIGHT NOW:
Click here to sign a petition to support your bargaining team in getting fair wages and affordable healthcare.

Your Addus Bargaining Team
Sherriel Stiles, Eugene
Coleen Lawson, Salem
Charlene Morgan-Stewart, Medford
Lorna Burnell, Eugene
Tammy Scroggins, Salem
Debbie Crenshaw, Medford
Alexxa Gambaro, Eugene

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Addus bargaining begins!

On June 9, 2015, we had our first bargaining session with Addus management. We made clear to Addus management what our priorities are–wages and benefits. Our hope is that better wages and benefits will help us recruit and retain quality care providers. We were also able to clarify and clean up some language in the contract.

Our next bargaining dates will be July 21st and 22nd.

Member Action Checklist:

Winning a fair contract takes all of us working together to show management that we are united. Here’s what you can do right now to get involved:

  • Stay connected - Speak to your local bargaining team member or SEIU Local 503 organizer to find out how to get more involved.
  • Stay tuned – There will be more updates throughout negotiations, and we will also be arranging member meetings in your area.

In It Together!

ADDUS bargaining Team 2015

“We feel this first bargaining session was really good and was a step toward a fair contract. “ Your 2015 Addus bargaining team: (From L to R) Sherriel Stiles – Eugene, Coleen Lawson – Salem, Charlene Morgan-Stewart – Medford, Lorna Burnell – Eugene, Tammy Scroggins- Salem, Debbie Morgan- Medford, and Alexxa Gambaro – Eugene



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Mayors Piercy and Lundberg Declare “Caregiver Recognition Day”

Eugene-area care providers enjoyed some much-deserved accolades from city officials on April 8, as Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg declared April 8, 2014, “Caregiver Recognition Day.”

The mayors joined hospital workers from McKenzie Willamette Medical Center, nursing home workers, local homecare workers and developmental disability workers for a heartfelt roundtable discussion, followed by an official joint proclamation declaring April 8th “Caregiver Recognition Day”.

“I’m so touched at how proud [these caregivers] are of the work they do, how much they care about the people they provide services for and how much they know those services are very valuable for the quality of life for people in our community.”, said Kitty Piercy, Mayor of Eugene.

“I can’t tell you how much we truly appreciate the work that caregivers do. Thank you so much for what you do said Springfield’s Mayor Christine Lundberg.

Standing alongside the Mayors, local caregivers reflected on the importance of having the support of local leaders and the community.

“It means so much to receive this appreciation from our elected leaders and community. Everyone deserves to have a good life and to be taken care of, regardless of their age or disability.” said Jhansie Turner, a local developmental disability worker with independent living services company Alvord Taylor.

Caregivers provide essential services to the most vulnerable members of our community. Their work in our community ranges from providing critical care in our hospitals to providing in-home care to seniors, children and people with disabilities. Despite the critical services they provide, caregivers continue to face significant challenges that include having a meaningful voice on the job, getting access to affordable care and making a living wage.

“This is a special day that is just as much about our community and our patients as it is us. We are here today because we are proud of the work we do and deeply care about our community, said Ken Charpie a Lab Tech worker at Mckenzie Willamette Medical Center. “But at the same time caregivers are facing increasing challenges that are forcing us to do more with less.”

In response to growing care provider concerns, employees across Mckenzie Willamette Willamette Medical Center – from nurses to technical workers – are holding an informational picket on Thursday, April 17th from 1-4pm at Willamalane Park (Across from McKenzie Willamette Medical Center). Caregivers will be joined by elected leaders and community supporters in standing up for quality affordable care and good jobs at the hospital.

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We’re on the move! Sign up for the SEIU Local 503 Campaign to Build Voter Power

This summer, SEIU care providers will once again take the state by storm! From Bend to Lincoln City and Eugene to Medford, care providers are planning to reach out to fellow workers to sign them up for membership, build political power through our union’s political fund (CAPE), register voters in key legislative districts, and invite them to volunteer with our union. In 2012, 39 member leaders participated in the blitzes, and together we knocked on 2,011 doors, signed up 254 new members and 202 CAPE contributors, and registered 92 new voters through weekend visits to communities across the state.

Will you join us? Whether you can come out for the whole weekend or just devote a day or a few hours, it all makes a big difference. We’ll feed you, train you and pair you up with someone who has knocked on doors before. Lodging provided for folks traveling more than 75 miles. Blitzes scheduled throughout the state on weekends: Fridays and Saturdays, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Register here to participate:

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Campaign for Oregon’s Seniors & People with Disabilities Lobby Day February 5th, 2014

Join the Campaign for Oregon’s Seniors & People with Disabilities to advocate for Oregon’s home and community-based services and overall long-term care system at the Capitol in Salem.  SEIU continues to be a strong voice at the Capitol.  Bring your friends, family and neighbors.

Click here to register for the Lobby Day.

WHO: You and other Advocates

WHAT: Campaign for Oregon’s Seniors & People with Disabilities Lobby Day

WHEN:   Wednesday, Feb. 5th – 8:00 a.m. until around 2:30 p.m.

WHERE:  Oregon Capitol Building, 900 Court St. NE, Salem, OR 97301

WHY: Because we care— and SEIU members play a critical role in advocating at the bedside and at the State Capitol!

REGISTRATION NOTE: We are matching attendees with your elected legislators for your area to schedule meetings—please register as soon as possible so we can set this up.

PARKING NOTICE: Free parking is available at the Mission Mill parking lot (located at 1313 Mill Street SE, Salem, OR 97301).  We will have shuttle transportation for people between the Mission Mill parking lot and the Capitol entrance regularly throughout the day.  All parking around the Capitol is set at $1.50/hour and is very limited during the legislative session.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: If you have special dietary restrictions, please mark that on the registration form.  Lunch and light breakfast will be provided.


8:00 – 8:45 a.m. Registration/Coffee in the Capitol Galleria

9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Talking Point Training/Room 50

9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Talking Point Training/Room 350

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Informational Displays in Galleria

10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Visit your Legislators

11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Lunch from Meals on Wheels

12:00 – 12:45 p.m. Legislative Speakers/Room 50

3:00 p.m. Adjourn

Click here to register for the Lobby Day.

SEIU Lobby Days are our chance to impact the state budget and legislation by making sure that our voices are heard in Salem. In recent legislative sessions, member advocacy helped establish fiscally sound staffing ratios, restore funding for services for seniors and people with disabilities, avoid layoffs, and pass foreclosure protections.


Lodging will be provided at the South Salem Phoenix Inn with the Doubletree by Hilton (previously the North Salem Phoenix Inn) as overflow. Members traveling from more than 75 miles away are eligible for lodging the night prior to the event. Those who are unable to reach their residence by 9PM (including allotted one hour dinner break) after the meeting are eligible for lodging the evening of the event. One-half the total overnight room rate (tax included) will be covered for the individual member, thus room sharing is strongly encouraged. Any additional fees and/or charges (eg. single occupant, smoking, pets, and failure to cancel on-time) will be billed back to the individual member, excepting when they receive a single room at no fault of their own.  Members travelling with client(s) will not be charged for their client(s) lodging. For details, please reference AP&P, Article VI, Section 9, & 13.

The Doubletree and the Phoenix Inn accommodate individuals with disabilities. Members in need of special accommodations to participate in this event should contact Shoshana Loos at, 503.581.1505, or 1.800.452.2146.

The Doubletree is a non-smoking facility. The South Salem Phoenix Inn has only two smoking rooms available. Smoking in a non-smoking room/facility can result in fines beginning at $250.

A complimentary continental breakfast is available at the hotel for those staying overnight. Lunch will be provided at the event. While SEIU Local 503 strives to provide options that meet most dietary needs, members with specific/strict needs should come prepared with an alternative meal option for themselves.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE / CANCELLATION NOTICE: Registration and cancellation deadline is three business days before the lobby day. Members who register and fail to cancel in time, or do not attend may be charged in full for all costs incurred on their behalf (meals, lodging, etc.)

Registration Questions?

Contact Shoshana Loos at, 503.581.1505, or 1.800.452.2146.

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New Union Contract for Addus Employees

Improvements in Wages and Much More

Next Steps—Members Voting to Approve Contract, Building our Strength for the Future, Focus on 2014 Political Advocacy

Happy New Year!  After close to six months of negotiations, our elected  SEIU Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement with Addus Healthcare on a new two-year Union contract.  Our elected SEIU Bargaining Team unanimously recommends a “Yes” vote to immediately implement these new improvements.  Our elected SEIU Bargaining Team: Charlene Morgan-Stewart, Coleen Lawson, Deborah Crenshaw, Lorna Burnell and Sherriel Stiles.

Fair Wages to Recruit and Retain Quality Care Providers Wages increases will be retroactively effective for all hour worked since 12/1/13:

  • New entry wage for Housekeeping: $9.30 (increased from $9.00)
  • New entry wage for Personal Care: $10.70 (increased from $10.38)
  • New top step for Housekeeping: $11.00/hour (increased from $9.63)
  • New top step for Personal Care: $12.60/hour (increased from $11.13)
  • January 1, 2013 employees with 10+ years of service with Addus will receive a one-time $200 longevity bonus in addition to the other increases
  • See below for our new wage scale (including 10/1/14 increases)
Mileage Rate Increased our reimbursement rate from $.46 up to $.48 effective Jan. 1, 2014
  • Protected current accrual rates and added new 15 + year accrual rate from 10 to 11 days per year.
  • New language requiring employer to give written notice before vacation time is lost. In the event the employee requests vacation time off in a timely manner and the employer is not willing to grant the vacation off, the employee will have the option to cash out vacation time before it is lost.
Sick Leave Employees will now be able to utilize sick time in 2 hour increments.
Discipline Record Disciplinary action will now be removed from our file after 2 years as long as new “write up” is not a related issue.
Health Care
  • Protected our current employer/employee contribution rates.
  • Coverage won’t be lost until after 2 full months (improved up from 6 weeks)
  • Project that spouses will have more affordable coverage through the Affordable Care Act, therefore we removed spousal coverage offering from the Company.
Health and Safety Removed old language pertaining to TB testing that was not necessary.
Term of Contract Agreed to a 2 year contract.
Telephony 2 months prior to roll out of Telephony system the company agrees to meet with us to discuss training and other implementation issues. The Employer also agrees to bargain with us over any financial impact.
Union Rights Members who are elected to our bargaining team will have their wages reimbursed by Addus for contract negotiations.

New Wage Scale

Step 1(0- 1 Years) Step 2(1- 2 Years) Step 3(3- 4 Years)  Step 5(5- 7 Years) Step 8(8+ Years)
HSK $9.30 $9.45 $9.95 $10.45 N/A
PCA $10.70 $10.95 $11.45 $11.95 N/A
HSK $9.63 $9.78 $10.30 $10.62 $11.00
PCA $11.08 $11.34 $11.85 $12.27 $12.60


After months of lobbying the Oregon State Legislature in order to secure rate increases for Addus, and the work of our bargaining team to ensure that the company would pass those rate increases on to us, we have reached a Tentative Agreement with management that secures a 6.5-14.25% pay raise for Addus workers! Hard work from our bargaining team and members volunteers made this agreement a reality.

Going forward we will be holding ratification meetings. Check with your Steward/Organizer for information on where and when meetings will be happening in your area. Bargaining Team members will be on hand to answer questions concerning the new agreement and give members the ability to vote on the agreement.

This contract would not have been possible had it not been for the hard work done at the State Capitol through our CAPE program. It will be even more important this next year for us all to contribute to CAPE, without a strong legislative campaign rate increases would not have become a reality! Your bargaining team encourages everyone to increase your current contribution to ensure that we reach all of our future contract goals.

In Unity,

Our elected SEIU Bargaining Team!

Deborah Crenshaw

Charlene Morgan-Stewart

Coleen Lawson

Sherriel Stiles

Lorna Burnell

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Care Providers celebrate at Holiday Dinner Party

A young boy stands in the buffet line at the Care Providers Holiday Dinner

Care Providers and their families celebrated an amazing year for homecare and personal support workers at their 4th Annual Holiday Dinner Party held Dec. 1, 2012 in Salem. Participants, greeted by Mrs. Santa, took time to enjoy one another’s company, some good cheer and relax a little. Volunteers spooned up a delicious holiday meal for all to enjoy, as we heard from guest speakers directly affected by our victories, or those involved in the campaigns.

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Olmstead, DD rights protected: update from WA court case

Good news.  Gov. Chris Gregoire announced today that she won’t appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in order to defend budget cuts she sought in 2011.

An appeal to the Roberts Court would have placed Olmstead squarely in jeopardy of being overturned or significantly rolled back. Gregoire’s decision not to file cert was a direct result of the public pressure campaign mounted by SEIU and a broad coalition of disability rights groups in Washington state and across the country.

See below for a statement from SEIU Local 775, as well as some of the ensuing media coverage.

“SEIU Healthcare 775NW is pleased that Gov. Gregoire is not appealing the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court and placing the rights of people with disabilities in jeopardy. We look forward to working with the state to resolve the case in a manner that ensures quality care for people with disabilities and seniors.”

Some coverage of today’s decision: 

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Olmstead, DD rights protected (update from WA court case)

Here’s some good news for care providers. Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire has announced that she won’t appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in order to defend budget cuts she sought in 2011.An appeal to the Roberts Court would have placed Olmstead squarely in jeopardy of being overturned or significantly rolled back. Gregoire’s decision not to file an appeal was a direct result of the public pressure campaign mounted by SEIU and a broad coalition of disability rights groups in Washington state and across the country.See below for a statement from SEIU Local 775, as well as some of the ensuing media coverage:”SEIU Healthcare 775NW is pleased that Gov. Gregoire is not appealing the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court and placing the rights of people with disabilities in jeopardy. We look forward to working with the state to resolve the case in a manner that ensures quality care for people with disabilities and seniors.”

Some coverage of the decision can be found here: 

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Addus workers overwhelmingly ratify new contract

PHOTO: The Addus Bargaining Team, left to right: Lorna Burnell, Bargaining Chair; Eugene; Sherrill Stiles, Veneta; Debbie Crenshaw, Ashland; Charlene Morgan-Steward, Central Point; Mary Englemann, Portland; Colleen Lawson, McMinnville; Deborah Schwartz, Chief Spokesperson, and David Meyers, Staff Support.

Workers at Addus HealthCare, Inc., ratified a one-year agreement this week with a higher turnout than had been seen for years. When the ballots were counted, a whopping 98.7% of members had approved the contract, which included raises, no cuts in health insurance, and increases in the mileage reimbursement rate, among other improvements.

Addus workers at the top steps for Housekeeping and Personal Care Aides will get a $.20 raise effective Aug. 1, and Step 1 Housekeepers who were at minimum wage will also get a $.20 increase. All other workers will receive a $.15 wage increase.

There was a slight increase in the mileage reimbursement rate and for the first time, workers will be paid for driving so-called “errand” miles authorized for their client. Also, Addus workers with 10 or more years of experience will receive a $200 longevity bonus effective Jan. 1, 2013.

Along with no cuts to healthcare coverage, there was a 52% increase during bargaining in the number of Addus workers enrolled for insurance coverage.

The contract also provides for a $.25 per hour differential for all CNAs doing housekeeping or personal care aide work, creating a a first time professional development recognition.

There is now historic language to guarantee binding arbitration, meaning that if the parties don’t reach an agreement through contract negotiations, things will be resolved through a neutral third-party judge to make sure there is a fair settlement process.

Finally, the contract requires Addus to supply task lists before workers begin work, improves union rights for orientations, commits to labor-management policy work and allows lost time pay for any hours bargaining team members would have been paid for taking care of clients while they were at the bargaining table.

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