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SEIU Child Care Provider Portia Moye with the children she cares for

Who we are…

We are License Exempt Child Care Providers who are paid by the State of Oregon, through DHS (Department of Human Services).  Many of us provide child care for the children of family members, friends or neighbors.  We are often referred to as FFN providers (Family, Friends and Neighbors).

Child care workers reach historic contract settlement!

CCbargteamLast night, our SEIU Child Care team reached a contract settlement with the State. This tentative agreement represents some of SEIU 503 child care providers’ biggest wins ever!

We won:

  • Two wage increases in all areas and age groups effective January 1, 2016 and January 1, 2017 (increases ranging from 5-18%)
  • A four-year contract with a guarantee that we will negotiate wages again in 2017
  • We took a stand for providers in rural areas who have been left behind and moved toward a system that is fair and equitable for all providers
  • Protected our in-person paid orientations for new workers to learn about the program and training options
  • Won contract language ensuring providers will get renewal paperwork in a more timely fashion so that providers don’t have to work without pay during the renewal process
  • Won a pathway to save for retirement through our legislative action

In addition to our wins at the table, providers and families won big in the legislature this year. Thanks to hundreds of SEIU 503 members’ emails, calls, and in-person meetings with legislators, we passed House Bill 2015. This law improves families’ access to affordable child care, increases stability for parents who qualify for subsidies, and invests in rate increases for providers.

These wins are only possible because child care workers like us have chosen to stand strong together in our union. If you aren’t already a member, please click here to become a member today!

In the coming weeks, our bargaining team will be calling with more details and information about how you can vote on this exciting contract. We’re looking forward to talking with you soon!

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Child Care Workers STAND UP For Fair Wages!

Our Child Care bargaining team was back at the table last week for our fourth bargaining session. We now have all of our proposals on the table. This week, we proposed some ideas to raise standards for all Oregonians. Because we work with low-income families, we know how hard it is for families to get by these days. We proposed raising the Oregon minimum wage to $15 an hour to give working families an opportunity to get ahead—not just get by. We also demonstrated our support for banning the box that asks about criminal history on job and housing applications. We know that banning the box is an effective strategy to ease hiring barriers and create fair chances for all people to get back to work.

We introduced a proposal that would ensure all Child Care providers who care for three children would earn the Oregon minimum wage, which is currently $9.25 an hour. Under this proposal, providers caring for fewer than three children would have their hourly rate pro-rated to $3.09 per child. Our proposal would ensure that Child Care providers get a raise whenever the Oregon minimum wage goes up. We believe caring for children is one of the most important jobs, and we know providers deserve to be paid at least the minimum wage for this work. Our proposal also included differentials for providers caring for infants and children with special needs. This is an exciting proposal because it would eliminate the complex rate structure that means some providers make less for doing the same work.

Currently, we have a number of proposals on the table and are waiting for a response from the State. We have high hopes that we will make a lot of progress in our next session on June 26, especially given the exciting things happening in the legislature. Right now, the legislature is discussing HB 2015, a bill which would make a huge investment in Oregon’s child care program and would help fund the improvements we are fighting for both at the table and in the Capitol.

“Our bargaining team is working hard to represent all providers and the families we serve because we believe in this program. But we can’t do it alone. We’re encouraging folks to get involved and help us win the best contract we can. You can support our efforts by contacting your legislators today and urging them to support HB 2015.” – Kim Cole, Bargaining Team Member

Click here to send an email to the Ways and Means Co-chairs about this critical bill.

Your Child Care Bargaining Team

Kassaundra West Nichols, Baker City
Kimberly Cole, Medford
Jennifer Schmidt, Riddle
Portia Moye, Portland
Wanda Winne, Vancouver
Natalie Jackson, Ashland
Teri Bender, Medford
Sarah Lanius, SEIU 503 Staff
Sun Strait, SEIU 503 Staff

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Here’s what’s happening at the Child Care bargaining table!

2015 Child Care Bargaining Team

Your 2015 SEIU 503 Child Care Bargaining Team

Our Child Care bargaining team had our third bargaining session with the State this week. We felt this session was very productive, and we are on the right track to win improvements for providers as well as the families we serve.

We reached several tentative agreements and put forth new proposals that would make it easier for providers to do the work we love. We proposed that the State reimburse providers for the costs of background checks and fingerprinting, put forth a provision that would ensure providers are paid for care provided while background checks are being processed, and proposed that providers who work evenings, weekends, and holidays be paid a differential. We know child care is a 24-hour a day job, and families don’t just need us between 9am-5pm! It’s important that providers are recognized for the crucial role we play in helping Oregonians go back to work.

We know that we come to the bargaining table as equals with the State representatives, and this is our chance to make our voices heard. We feel that our work is being validated and we are being respected for the work we do. But we also know there is a long way to go to ensure that parents have access to quality, affordable child care.

You can support our efforts to get a strong contract and make improvements to the Child Care program by becoming a member. To join today, call 800.452.2146 and ask to speak to the organizer for your area!

Our next bargaining session is June 2. Stay tuned for more updates!


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Child Care Providers Lobby Legislators For Improved ERDC Funding

child care lobby days March 2015Child care providers were in the state capitol on March 4 speaking to their legislators! The providers shared stories about their work with children and families, and asked their legislators to pledge their support to the bill that Speaker Kotek has sponsored that would expand the ERDC program in ways that would provide stability for families and children and allow more families to be covered by the program.

The Employment Related Day Care program (ERDC) helps eligible low-income working families pay for child care. This helps parents to stay employed, and children to be well cared for in stable child care arrangements. ERDC helps approximately 20,000 Oregon families pay for child care for approximately 35,000 children each year. ERDC also works with providers and other child care partners across the state to help families find and keep good child care, improve the availability of quality child care in Oregon, and to develop resources for parents and child care providers.

House Bill 2015 would make it so that working families who qualify for subsidy-based child care don’t have to worry about losing it for a year if their job or salary changes. It also would make self-employed parents and parents who are enrolled in course work eligible for child care.

Legislators need to hear your perspective from the front lines, not just the voices of corporate lobbyists. Our stories will help ensure all Oregonians, including SEIU 503 members, have a fair shot to get ahead. Come tell your story and stand up for a strong budget that prioritizes both our workers who keep Oregon running and the Oregonians who rely on us.  Sign up here to tell your story at the Capitol!



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Child Care Bargaining Begins!

2015 Child Care Bargaining Team

Your 2015 SEIU 503 Child Care Bargaining Team

Our elected Child Care Bargaining Team met with the State yesterday to begin bargaining our new contract. In this brief meeting, we exchanged proposals on ground rules for bargaining and set dates for future negotiations. Our next bargaining session is scheduled for March 24.

We won’t make progress at the table unless we have a strong voice in the Capitol as well. You can support our bargaining efforts by attending a Lobby Day. Lobby Day is our chance to have a voice and to educate State decision-makers about the importance of the work we do. Meeting with our legislators is lots of fun, and when legislators hear from providers like us, it really makes a difference!

Bring your kids and join us in Salem for our Child Care Lobby Day on March 4! Learn more about our upcoming Lobby Days and sign up here:

If you’re interested in attending but need lodging and/or transportation, call 800-452-2146 and ask to speak to the organizer in your area for more information.

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Congratulations to the newly-elected Local 96 Child Care officers


Kassaundra West Nichols, President
Kimberly Cole, Vice President
Jennifer Schmidt, Secretary-Treasurer

Statewide Regional Outreach Coordinators (ROCs)

Wanda Winne
Enrique Luna
Natalie Jackson
Renee Rodgers
Yolanda Scott

Regional ROCs

Reg 11 Portia Moye

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We’re on the move! Sign up for the SEIU Local 503 Campaign to Build Voter Power

This summer, SEIU care providers will once again take the state by storm! From Bend to Lincoln City and Eugene to Medford, care providers are planning to reach out to fellow workers to sign them up for membership, build political power through our union’s political fund (CAPE), register voters in key legislative districts, and invite them to volunteer with our union. In 2012, 39 member leaders participated in the blitzes, and together we knocked on 2,011 doors, signed up 254 new members and 202 CAPE contributors, and registered 92 new voters through weekend visits to communities across the state.

Will you join us? Whether you can come out for the whole weekend or just devote a day or a few hours, it all makes a big difference. We’ll feed you, train you and pair you up with someone who has knocked on doors before. Lodging provided for folks traveling more than 75 miles. Blitzes scheduled throughout the state on weekends: Fridays and Saturdays, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Register here to participate:

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Child Care contract ratified!

We are excited to announce that—with a strong show of support—SEIU Local 503 Child Care members have ratified the tentative agreement for our 2013-2015 union contract! Thank you to all of the providers who became members, participated in Lobby Days, completed story forms, attended rallies, and reached out to fellow Child Care Providers. Your efforts helped secure a strong contract for Child Care Providers and protect slots in the ERDC program for families in need of quality, affordable child care!

We are excited about the improvements we won in this contract, but our work isn’t over—in fact, it’s just the beginning. In the next few years, we will face many challenges. On the 2014 ballot, anti-union forces are putting forward measures that, if passed, would weaken our collective voice. As we navigate these challenges and prepare for contract negotiations in 2015, we must maintain the great spirit of solidarity—with each other, with Oregon families, and with all Oregonians. United, we won a strong contract, and united we will continue to be victorious in the future.

Without the political power and collective voice we have through our union, winning this contract would not have been possible. Together, we held lawmakers accountable to us and the services we provide to Oregon families. We need to continue to build our political strength, and we do this through contributing to our union’s political action fund, Citizen Action for Political Education (CAPE). We won rate increases and strengthened Oregon’s Child Care program because providers like you invested in our CAPE fund to make sure we have a strong political voice. To win in the future, we’ll need to do more of the same.

Click here to invest in our political strength by making a contribution to CAPE, our member-driven political action fund. 

If you have questions or want to be involved please contact SEIU 503 at 800-452-2146 or visit!

In It Together!

Your Child Care Bargaining Team,

Portia Moye (Portland)
Kassaundra Nichols (Baker City)
Enrique Luna (Salem)
Molly Stafford (Roseburg)
Kimberly Cole (Medford)
Wanda Winne (Portland)
Renee Cripe (Roseburg)
Jennifer Schmidt (Riddle)

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Victory for Child Care Providers

Congratulations to all Oregon Child Care Providers!

After 8 months of negotiations, our bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement with the State that increases our rates, improves access to trainings, promotes quality care, and strengthens Oregon’s child care system.

SEIU Child Care Providers faced unique challenges throughout bargaining. Initially, the State was only interested in offering increases to Providers who are caring for infant and toddler children, even though all Providers have been held to a wage freeze for the past two contract cycles, resulting in a 6 year wage freeze. Our bargaining team held their ground and took a stand for all providers. We collected hundreds of Provider and Parent Story forms that we delivered to legislators and to the State’s bargaining team.

As a result of your support, we prevailed in winning across-the-board increases for all Providers! We also secured several quality care improvements—including improved access to paid trainings, continuation of the quality care enhancement program, and a stronger voice for Providers to share input on developing trainings focused on early learning, special needs, and issues specific to family, friend, and neighbor Child Care Providers. See below for Contract Highlights.

For more information on how to get involved, please call 1-800-452-2146 and ask to speak to the organizer for your area!

SEIU Local 503 Child Care Bargaining Team:

Portia Moye (Portland), Kimberly Cole (Medford), Kassaundra Nichols (Baker City), Renee Cripe (Roseburg), Wanda Winne (Portland), Molly Stafford (Roseburg), Enrique Luna (Salem), Jennifer Schmidt (Riddle)

Contract Highlights

Rate Increases

New Rate increases for the first time since 2007!

Hourly Standard Rates will be increased in each area by at least 10%.

Hourly Enhanced Rates (which all Providers can attain after completing a Paid Training on First Aid, CPR, Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect, and Food Safety Training) will be increased in each area by at least 5%.

All Monthly Rates will be increased by at least 3%.

What do these rate increases mean for providers? For the first time ever, a significant amount of SEIU Child Care Providers (those in Portland, Salem, Eugene area) will now have the opportunity (after completing the Enhanced Rate Training) to earn the same amount as certified Providers. We have always been paid at least 5% less then Certified Providers, so this is a huge step. Click here for new rate charts

Improved Access to Quality Care Trainings

Our Training Fund was increased by almost $300,000 additional dollars. Providers will have better access to information about our Training Fund and what it covers through a joint DHS and SEIU Training FAQ link to the online training calendar.

Laying the Groundwork for Early Learning, Special Needs, and Spanish Language Trainings: The State agreed to discuss early learning, special needs, and trainings targeted to the best practices of License Exempt (Family, Friend, and Neighbor) Providers and to assess the need for trainings in other languages. Many SEIU Child Care Providers speak Spanish, Somalian, and other languages so this was an important step.

Safety and Quality Care Enhancement: The State will spend a minimum of $50,000 toward supports, including tools, supplies and/or equipment needed to support implementation of the recommendations of evidence-based best practices for the development of children in license-exempt child care in the 2013-2015 biennium.


New Provider Rates

Standard Family (FAM) Enhanced Family (QFM)
1 – 157 158 – 215 1 – 62 63 – 135 136 – 215
Group Area A Hourly Monthly Hourly Part-time Monthly
Infant/Special Needs – current $2.64 $493 $2.85 $399 $532
Infant/Special Needs – 11/01/13 $2.90 $521 $3.01 $422 $562
Toddler – current $2.64 $466 $2.85 $378 $504
Toddler – 11/01/13 $2.90 $487 $3.00 $394 $525
Preschool – current $2.64 $440 $2.85 $356 $475
Preschool – 11/01/13 $2.90 $481 $3.00 $390 $520
School – current $2.64 $436 $2.85 $353 $470
School – 11/01/13 $2.90 $455 $3.00 $368 $491
Group Area B Hourly Monthly Hourly Part-time Monthly
Infant/Special Needs – current $2.20 $400 $2.38 $324 $432
Infant/Special Needs – 11/01/13 $2.49 $416 $2.70 $337 $490
Toddler – current $2.20 $396 $2.38 $321 $428
Toddler – 11/01/13 $2.49 $412 $2.70 $328 $479
Preschool – current $2.20 $374 $2.38 $303 $404
Preschool – 11/01/13 $2.35 $403 $2.70 $326 $458
School – current $2.20 $352 $2.38 $285 $380
School – 11/01/13 $2.35 $396 $2.70 $321 $431
Group Area C Hourly Monthly Hourly Part-time Monthly
Infant/Special Needs – current $2.20 $374 $2.38 $303 $404
Infant/Special Needs – 11/01/13 $2.42 $396 $2.64 $308 $432
Toddler – current $1.98 $352 $2.14 $285 $380
Toddler – 11/01/13 $2.20 $372 $2.40 $297 $400
Preschool – current $1.76 $348 $1.90 $281 $375
Preschool – 11/01/13 $2.20 $360 $2.40 $290 $390
School – current $1.76 $348 $1.90 $281 $375
School – 11/01/13 $2.20 $360 $2.40 $285 $391

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SEIU Child Care Providers Hold the Line for Fair Rates

Our Union bargaining team met with the State’s bargaining team twice this month—on August 8 and August 27. We have made tremendous progress in negotiations: including victories on key proposals such as an improved access to paid trainings, continuation of the quality care enhancement program, and a stronger voice for Providers to share input on developing trainings focused on early learning, special needs, and issues specific to family, friend, and neighbor Child Care Providers.

The last remaining bargaining issue to be determined is securing an across-the-board rate increase for all child care providers.

Since forming our Union in 2006, we won several improvements to the Child Care Program, including: rate increases in 2007, lower parent co-pays, a paid training fund, quicker payments, direct deposit, improved communications with DHS, and we have fought back against ERDC and rate reductions. We have accomplished a great deal in past years, but have not had a rate increase in recent years due to Oregon’s budget shortfall. However, we know that as the cost of living continues to increase, it becomes more and more difficult for Providers to continue with the Child Care Program on such low rates. That’s why, in addition we have proposed an increase from current rates to at least a 10% increase, or higher depending on market rate.

Although the State did propose rate increases, their proposal did not go far enough to ensure that providers can afford to continue doing the work we love. We will not settle for a contract that does not include fair rate increases for all providers when we know people are already struggling to make ends meet.

That’s why our bargaining team has decided to move forward to arbitration. A neutral third party arbitrator will decide whether to implement the State’s proposals or our Union’s proposals. We have an arbitration hearing scheduled for October, but we are open to scheduling additional bargaining dates with the State before then if they provide an offer that increases rates to a fair standard.

You can make a difference and help us win a fair contract by encouraging the Governor to stand up for Oregon families and get our money back from the Wall Street banks that stole from Oregonians. Sign the Get Oregon’s Money Back petition today at!

For more information on how to get involved, please call 1-800-452-2146 and ask to speak to the organizer for your area!

SEIU, Local 503 Child Care Bargaining Team

Portia Moye (Portland)
Kassaundra Nichols (Baker City)
Enrique Luna (Salem)
Molly Stafford (Roseburg)
Kimberly Cole (Medford)
Wanda Winne (Portland)
Renee Cripe (Roseburg)
Jennifer Schmidt (Riddle)

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