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Important Notice for Homecare Workers

Administration of the Oregon Homecare Workers Supplemental and Benefits Trust to change on May 1, 2014.

Starting May 1, 2014, Benefit Solutions, Inc. (BSI) will be responsible for handling and processing all premium payments and member reimbursement payments for the Oregon Homecare Workers Trusts.

Should you need to contract BSI directly:

Phone: 844-507-7554
Fax: 866-459-4623
Mail: P.O. Box 6, Mukilteo, Washington 98275


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Important information from your Homecare Workers Supplemental Trust

Dear Homecare or Personal Support Worker,
We received notice that Kaiser Permanente sent invoices to Oregon Exchange members who had never received invoices or only a portion of their invoices in 2014.
You may have received in the mail a premium bill from Kaiser asking for payment, potentially in error.
If you have received a premium bill and you are a Trust eligible homecare or personal support worker that was enrolled individually through Cover Oregon into the Kaiser Silver Plan with no family members on your plan, you can ignore this bill.
If you have any questions as to whether or not you are Trust eligible, please contact the Trust office at or 1-844-507-7554 Option 3, Option 2.
Kaiser will also be reaching out to you to confirm this information in the near future.
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Important Message About DD System Changes and PSW Payments

Personal Support Workers:

Below is the email that DD Services recently sent out regarding the movement to a centralized payroll starting in July.  We wanted to share it with Personal Support Workers in case you didn’t receive it.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: BAXTER Patricia E <>
Date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 11:32 AM
Subject: Important Message About DD System Changes and PSW Payments
To: BAXTER Patricia E <>
Dear Personal Support Worker,

As you know, our state is making a number of changes throughout the programs supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  These changes are needed to be in compliance with federal regulations and our collective bargaining agreement, as well as to improve service delivery.  The Department of Human Services has been working collaboratively with SEIU, Brokerages, Community Developmental Disability Programs (CDDP), providers and other advocates in making sure these changes do not negatively impact the people we serve or our workers.

The most immediate and direct change, coming up on July 1, is how you will be paid.  Beginning in July, we are moving to a centralized state payment system, with TNT Fiscal Intermediary Services, Inc., with common payroll dates twice a month.  This is going to help streamline eligibility for medical, dental and vision benefits.  As we have previously communicated, there is a delay to other program changes, specifically around the Plan of Care functionality in eXPRS. We will be sharing more information around those timelines as it becomes available.

You may have recently been contacted by the CDDP and/or brokerage that you work with to complete information required for the transition to TNT Fiscal Intermediary Services for the purpose of processing payroll on July 1. Please complete and return any paperwork you have been provided so that we can ensure you are paid timely. Once you have completed and submitted your paperwork you have nothing else to worry about – TNT will contact you, through your CDDP or brokerage, should additional information be needed. TNT has indicated that if paperwork is delayed, they will still do everything in their power to ensure timely payments, even to the point of running an extra payroll cycle if needed. It is important to us that you are paid accurately and timely. You will need to sign a new direct deposit form if you chose direct deposit.  This form was included in the information you received from your CDDP or brokerage. If you need another copy of the form, please contact the CDDP or brokerage, or you can contact TNT directly at (503) 463-0134.

In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, beginning with services provided after July 1, 2014, claims for payment should be submitted to the Brokerage or CDDP no later than three (3) business days (excluding Oregon and Federal holidays) before the eighth (8th) and/or the twenty-third (23rd) of each month.  You will be paid three (3) business days (excluding Oregon and Federal holidays) after the eighth (8th) and/or the twenty-third (23rd) of each month.  Click here to see the full details Payment for June or earlier services will be paid in accordance with current practice.

If you have questions regarding this transition, please contact your CDDP, Brokerage, or TNT. Be watching for additional information over the next couple of weeks, including a calendar outlining payment dates, options for payment, and other information for your reference.

Trisha Baxter, Interim DD Program Director
Chief Operating Officer
Aging and Disability Programs
Department of Human Services
500 Summer Street NE
Salem, OR 97301

503-945-5858 (desk)
503-580-7853 (cell)


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SEIU 503 response to Harris v. Quinn

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We’re on the move! Sign up for the SEIU Local 503 Campaign to Build Voter Power

This summer, SEIU care providers will once again take the state by storm! From Bend to Lincoln City and Eugene to Medford, care providers are planning to reach out to fellow workers to sign them up for membership, build political power through our union’s political fund (CAPE), register voters in key legislative districts, and invite them to volunteer with our union. In 2012, 39 member leaders participated in the blitzes, and together we knocked on 2,011 doors, signed up 254 new members and 202 CAPE contributors, and registered 92 new voters through weekend visits to communities across the state.

Will you join us? Whether you can come out for the whole weekend or just devote a day or a few hours, it all makes a big difference. We’ll feed you, train you and pair you up with someone who has knocked on doors before. Lodging provided for folks traveling more than 75 miles. Blitzes scheduled throughout the state on weekends: Fridays and Saturdays, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Register here to participate:

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Homecare contract ratified!

We are thrilled to announce that, with overwhelming support, SEIU 503 homecare members have ratified the tentative agreement for our 2013-2015 union contract. Thank you to all of the providers who became members, lobbied, testified, phone banked, wrote letters, rallied and reached out to fellow Homecare Workers. Together we made history!

We hope you share the excitement we feel in these substantial improvements to our contract! But our work doesn’t end with this new contract—in fact, it’s just the beginning. We are going to be working to build a stronger union so we can continue to advocate for quality services.

These wins are not accomplished easily, and the next few years will continue to challenge us. We need to fight for a more stable state budget that will allow for the continued investment in vital services. On the 2014 ballot, anti-union forces are putting forward measures that, if passed, would weaken our collective voice. As we navigate these challenges and prepare for contract negotiations in 2015, we must maintain the great spirit of solidarity—with each other, our consumers, and all Oregonians. This is what propelled us to win today. This is what will drive us to victories in the future.

We won raises and heath coverage now because we invested in our political strength last year, and elected a pro-worker legislature in 2012. To win in the future, we’ll need to do more of the same. Click here to invest in our political strength by making a contribution to CAPE, our member-driven political action fund.

If you have questions or want to be involved please contact SEIU 503 at 800-452-2146 or visit!

In it Together!

Your Homecare Bargaining Team,

Rebecca Sandoval, Medford
Megan Adkins, Portland
Chuck Wynns, Salem
Laurann Kealiher, Portland
Carol Conlon, Grants Pass
James Parker, Scio
LJ Denney, Camas Valley
Eileen Ordway, Springfield
Robert “Drake” Ewbank, Springfield
Patricia Lawrence, Sandy
Rose Rogers, Coos Bay
Joy’e Willman, Portland
Penny Wicklander, Pendleton
Phyllis Wills, Hillsboro
Alice Redding, Rainier
Annie Smith, Portland
Carolynn Kohout, Hillsboro
Adam Riggs, Eugene
Annie Smith, Portland
Bobbie Sotin, North Bend
Sally Cumberworth, Cave Junction
Rachel Hansen, SEIU Staff
Jereme Grzybowski, SEIU Staff

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Homecare Ratification Video

A summary of our tentative agreement by our Homecare Bargaining Team

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Win It Together: Tentative Agreement Reached on New Historic Union Contract!

Late last night we reached a truly historic tentative agreement with the State of Oregon on our new union contract covering close to 20,000 care providers. More detail will be mailed out soon and make sure to check out our website for more information as well.

“This is an historic and transformational contract. I am elated by what this does for the future of in-home services in both Oregon and our country.”—Rebecca Sandoval, homecare worker, Medford, Chair of our elected 2013 SEIU bargaining team.

Click here for settlement details for Homecare (APD) workers

Click here for settlement details for Personal Support Workers

Click here for settlement details for Independent Contractors

We will be mailing and emailing out more details soon. Members will still need to vote to approve our new contract and the benefits. All this would not be possible without members like you. From lobby days at the capitol, to phone calls to legislators to public demonstrations at the main Department of Human Services building—we joined with 55,000 other working women and men of SEIU Local 503 to make a difference for the better in our lives and in the lives of the people we serve.

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Independent Contractors tentative agreement summary

SEIU Independent Contractor (ICs) Personal Support Workers (PSWs) 2013 Tentative Agreement Summary

In It together—for Providers, for the People we serve, for Oregon 

This is an overview of the tentative agreement for our new union contract with the State of Oregon covering close to 20,000 SEIU care providers.  This is a tentative agreement pending membership ratification—members voting to approve our new contract.  Our 2013 elected-SEIU Bargaining Team unanimously recommends a YES vote to implement the new pay rates, benefits and other improvements.  Call 800-452-2146 with questions or ways to become involved with our union.  Also make sure to check-out

Fair Wages to recruit and retain quality providers:

  • Protecting Our Rates-  the State initially proposed that all of us would have our rates slashed to $14/ hr.  Through our Union, together we loudly said, “NO”.   We also secured new contract language that ensures pay increases and new benefits will not reduce the amount and scope of services for consumers.
  • Wages will be protected for all current providers—no matter if we start work with new consumers.
  • For providers earning between $13-$20/hour, there will be a 3.5% cost-of-living increase effective October 1, 2013.  Then next year another 3.5% increase for providers earning between $13.75- $20.75/hour, October 1, 2014.
  • Enhanced and Exceptional Rates tied to new training requirements and service needs of certain consumers.
  • New ICs coming into the system will be paid at a new rate starting at $17.50 and then there will be a new rate system ranging from $18- $24 effective January 1, 2015.
  • New Centralized Payment Systems- due to new Federal regulations and State is going to be changing systems, including moving towards a centralized payment system later this year.  We will be working with the State, Brokerages, CDDPs to make sure information is made available to us.

Affordable Healthcare for care providers:  We won new benefits. 

Based on input received from members, we have agreed to implement a completely new healthcare model covering all 20,000 care providers under our contract— 1 in 4 of us currently have NO health coverage whatsoever. The new model will work hand-in-hand with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  With the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA (Obamacare), thousands of members will become eligible for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Plus. The remaining members will be able to access coverage through Cover Oregon; and our new Trust will provide a benefit that will offset any out-of-pocket premium and deductible costs.

We secured funding for members to reduce the hours threshold.  This also looks to provide members with access to dental and vision benefits as well as Medicare supplemental coverage.  Hours can be combined between programs—Homecare and Personal Support hours will be combined.  We are going to be doing a massive education and enrollment effort starting in October with new coverage starting January 1, 2014.

A Stronger Voice for Providers to Advocate for Quality:

  • IC Workgroup- We need to continue to make the case to the State about why our work is so important to the consumers we serve.  It was clear in these negotiations that our work was not being recognized for what it’s worth.  We will be working with State, Brokerage and other stakeholder representatives to make recommendations on requirements and certification for us as ICs.  Please let us know if you would be interested in helping on this.
  • Agreement on Joint Efforts to Reduce and Prevent Medicaid Fraud- We are going to work with the State and other stakeholders in committee to draft a report on this important set of topics.
  • New enhanced and exceptional rate Personal Support Worker (ePSW) Workgroup- To discuss certification requirements for the higher enhanced pay rates tied to new training requirements and higher-service needs of certain consumers.  This will be important as we continue to think about the future of Home and Community Based Care (HCBC) in Oregon and how we have a voice in this.
  • New Time Study and Health Related Tasks Workgroup- Ever wonder how much time is given to certain tasks within the assessment and reassessment process?  The State wanted to have this discussion and hear from front line providers.  We also want to talk about health related tasks and RN Delegated tasks as well.

Rights & Respect:

  • Issues Committee- An ongoing forum with SEIU, OHCC, and other stake-holders meets with the State to problem solve program inconsistencies, consider initiatives to improve our work lives, and discuss problems that may impact sizeable groups of workers.  We also have agreement to take up the use of agency homecare and provider organization companies for services instead of State paid homecare and personal support workers.
  • Continued Access to Worker’s Compensation- Continued access to Worker’s Comp protects us if we are injured on the job.  New report that looks to provide more statistical data on claims and injury trends.
  • New Provider Orientations will be implemented only for new providers starting later this year.  This will be important for new providers to become aware of the responsibilities of Medicaid providers and learn more about benefits through our union.
  • New information from the State so our Union can do better outreach and education to members.

Training & New Professional Opportunities:

  • Paid Trainings for Personal Support Workers- We will now have access to paid trainings through the Oregon Homecare Commission training classes.  This will help us gain new information and also grow a more trained workforce to provider quality services for Oregon.
  • New & Improved Registry & Referral System- A new system is close to going online allowing for more options to better link consumers and families with providers.  We changed language in our contract that allows more online options, while still having a paper option to update status and contact info.
  • Training Requirements to be Referred on Registry- We will have a new training requirement only for those of us looking to be referred for work on the registry.  New professional training requirements were how we secured new higher levels of pay.  We are going to be working out details in a committee with the State, but we know there will be only 4 training classes per year.  This is exciting news, as we are moving the professional aspect of our work and the future of homecare in Oregon!
  • Consumer Choice- Consumers will be given a list of providers from the registry upon request and the State will make sure consumers are made aware of the registry list option as well.
  • Registry Intended Use- To protect providers and consumers, and make sure the registry is used for intended purposes, we are not to use the Oregon Homecare Commissions name on business cards or other related promotional and business materials for any reason.
  • Training- We secured significant new funding for training and worker stipends for paid trainings —over $1.3 Million in new funding.  We also have a new budget report that will give us greater detail into how the budget is spent.  We also have the option for the stipend paid training rate to be increased along with pay rate increases.

Common Good Bargaining Proposals:

  • Cuts Restored- We pressed the State in bargaining and also at the capitol to restore the homecare hours that were cut in 2012.  The same day as these cuts to Seniors and People with Disabilities—Oregon Millionaires received a tax break.  We continued to use this as an example of how tax breaks for Wall Street, Big Banks and Millionaires are not right.  In the end, we won.  These hours that were cut will be restored at the annual assessment.
  • Program Enrichments- We are going to be working with the State on new program changes that will improve and expand assess to in-home services.  This includes transitioning Relative Adult Foster Home Provider into Homecare, making natural supports clearly as a voluntary option, and reducing or even eliminating the pay-in portion some consumers currently have to pay.
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Great leap forward for dignity, autonomy and choice

After months of tirelessly advocating on behalf of their professions and their consumers, SEIU 503 care providers and consumers were on hand today to witness a great leap forward for dignity, autonomy and choice for Oregonians with developmental disabilities.

Governor John Kitzhaber today signed a package of bills that will greatly improve services and advocacy for over 21,000 Oregonians with developmental disabilities.

The three bills include:

Senate Bill 559, which gives Oregonians with developmental disabilities a voice in choosing where they live and provides equal opportunity in job placements;

Senate Bill 626, which expands Oregon’s Long Term Care (LTC) Ombudsman Program to provide advocacy for Oregonians with developmental disabilities or mental illness; and

Senate Bill 640, which improves the assessment process for services to residents in facilities such as group homes and adult foster homes.

More information about these bills is available at

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