Member Resource Center

“The MRC provided prompt and valuable assistance in filing a workplace grievance, guiding me through the process, facilitating communication in a way that helped me, my co-workers and management to maintain good relations during the dispute and continue to work well together afterwards.  The staff was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.” —Maria Parish, State Board of Nursing

Contact the MRC at 1.844.503.SEIU. SEIU Local 503 Member Resource Center staff organizers are available to provide advice and assistance to stewards and members with worksite issues, contract questions or grievances.

MRC organizers are available Monday-Thursday 9:30 AM- 5:30 PM and on Friday from 10:30 AM-4:30 PM (except holidays).

If these days/hours do not work for you, please leave a message or send an email to the contact below and we will set up a time that is convenient for you.

You should always contact your steward first for worksite issues, contract questions, and grievances.

If you don’t know who your steward is, check to see if your sub-local has posted a list. Each SEIU sub-local decides whether or not to post steward names and contact information online. You can also contact the Member Resource Center for names and contact information of stewards.

If your sub-local has its own website, you can find it in the list at the bottom of this page. If your sub-local does not have a website or has chosen not to post steward contact information online, contact the Member Resource Center at 1.844.503.SEIU.

“They were very responsive in calling back and taking immediate time to answer and process questions about labor-management disputes and coordination of appeals. They are concerned, kind, and knowledgeable people who never give up in problem-solving.” —Dan Moseley, DHS Child Welfare

What is the SEIU Local 503 Member Resource Center?

The SEIU Local 503 Member Resource Center is a department within our union where stewards and members can call or email for advice or assistance with work place issues and/or grievances, or for more general information about our Union.  Staff who work the Member Resource Center are experienced organizers, dedicated to supporting stewards and members who are navigating through a variety of issues, grievances and problems.

“The MRC has been so super helpful, helping me with cases as a steward and my own worksite issues.” —Carla McNelly, University of Oregon

Why does SEIU Local 503 use a Member Resource Center?

Unions, and working people as a whole, are under attack.  It is imperative that our Union put enough resources into fighting back against the corporations that are profiting at our expense and the politicians who help them.  At the same time, it is essential that we continue to provide strong representation of our members in grievances and worksite problems. The Member Resource Center allows for efficient use of our Union’s resources so that we can fight on both fronts.  Currently, 22 SEIU Locals, representing over 1,000,000 members, have adopted Member Resource Centers.

“They provide good information.  They are another resource for members when I am not available to them, and even when I am, it is very helpful to have info confirmed.   Plus they provide answers to a lot of basic questions about contract rights that don’t require a steward’s involvement.” —Barbara Casey, DHS Child Welfare

What are the advantages of the Member Resource Center?

  • Providing timely and consistent advice and support to stewards who need it.
  • Using technology to track and report on issues to better support our organizing work in bargaining and in our worksites.
  • Allowing our field organizers to spend the bulk of their time in the worksites developing leaders, organizing around worksite issues and moving campaigns.
  • The MRC has been very effective in mobilizing our members who are without traditional worksites, like Child Care and Home Care workers, when they call in with questions about bargaining and budget issues that affect them and their clients.

“I like being able to call and get some feedback right away.” —Mary Reese, Marion County

How does the Member Resource Center support the role and/or authority of stewards?

Stewards are our Union’s main voice in the workplace whenever worksite issues and grievances are being discussed with management. Stewards have the authority and responsibility for processing grievances in the worksite. When stewards need advice or assistance, they can contact the Member Resource Center staff organizers dedicated to providing this support, advice and assistance.

“It’s often a tough job to get all of the information transmitted to another person on some of these complex steward’s cases I have, but the staff at the MRC always do a great job and are very friendly and professional. They have my back as a steward.” —Carl Christy, Southern Oregon University

Now that there is a Member Resource Center, what is the role of field organizers?

If our members and members of other unions are going to be successful in protecting our livelihoods against corporate and anti-worker efforts to keep our wages and benefits low and reduce our power, we have to take our fight beyond our workplaces:  to the bargaining table, to the legislature, to the community, as well as continuing the fight to protect our rights in our worksites and/or under our contracts.  The MRC works with stewards to enforce our contract and legal rights on the job, and field organizers work with members to organize around grievances and push back against any form of attack – political, from the employer, in the community, or otherwise.

“As a steward I rely on the MRC as a resource to talk through situations when I need advice.  They have been very helpful.” —Brian Fahey, Oregon Youth Authority

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