Engage PERS

Engage PERS is an educational series on public employee retirement. Click here to tell us your PERS story!

Looking for info on the PERS pick-up in affect as of November 1, 2016? Click here for a copy of our regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions.

Engage PERS Introduction

There used to be an unwritten promise in the American workplace: If you worked hard, you could count on a secure retirement at the end of your career. For many of us over the last few decades, that promise has been broken. Read more…

Push Your PERS Prowess

In order to effectively build the best possible retirement plans for ourselves and for generations to come, it’s vital that we understand the system that is already at work. PERS has allowed public employees to retire with dignity for over 70 years. Read more…

A Brief History of PERS

PERS has been a constant work in progress. While the system began in 1946 under what is now known as the “Money Match” program, major changes first started taking place in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Read more…

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