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SEIU Local 503 is partnering with the state to help children get no-cost or low-cost health insurance through Oregon’s new Healthy Kids program. We believe every kid in Oregon should be a healthy kid and our goal is to make sure they have health coverage. Depending on family income, children may be eligible for free or low-cost health coverage for doctor visits, dental care, vision, medicines and more through the Healthy Kids program. Call 1-877-314-5678 (press 2 for Spanish, press 3 for Russian, press 1 for all other languages) for more information.
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About Healthy Kids

When kids and teens don’t have health coverage, they don’t get the health care they need when they need it. Healthy Kids provides no-cost, low-cost or full-cost health care coverage for kids and teens that don’t have health insurance. No child will be put on a waiting list, and once enrolled, coverage lasts for one full year. Coverage can be extended so long as the child is still eligible. The application is easy to fill out. If you need some help, there are many people around the state that are trained to help you. Applications also can be completed online at

Healthy Kids now has options for families at all income levels, so please fill out an application even if you did not qualify for other state programs in the past.  lakjshdflkjahsd

Who qualifies? What does it cover? What does it cost?
Every Oregon child without health coverage is eligible. In order to be eligible, children must:
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  • Be age 18 or younger – kids and teens up until their 19th birthday.
  • Live in Oregon and be a legal U.S. resident.
  • Be uninsured for two months (although there are exceptions to this rule).

A family’s income and the number of family members determine whether a child or teen qualifies for no-cost, low-cost or full-cost health care coverage. For example, a family of four earning up to $67,200 a year may qualify for low-cost coverage. For smaller families, the income limit is lower. For larger families, the income limit is higher.
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Parental income determines if your child or teen qualifies for the no-cost, low-cost or fullcost option. Kids and teens must be uninsured, although there are exceptions, like if a parent becomes unemployed or a child has a serious medical need. More information about this rule is available at

Many health care providers take Healthy Kids, and the program covers all the health care kids and teens need.
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  • Medical, dental and vision care;
  • Regular checkups and preventive care;
  • Prescriptions and medical equipment; and
  • Mental health and chemical dependency services.

Health coverage lasts for one full year. After one year, coverage will be renewed so long as the child is still eligible. You will receive a renewal form in the mail letting you know that your child’s or teen’s coverage needs to be renewed.

The cost of Healthy Kids depends on family income. If you qualify for the no-cost option, your child’s or teen’s health coverage is free. If you qualify for the low-cost option, you’ll pay a small part of the monthly total. For example, a family with two to four children will pay an average of $60 per month.
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If your income is too high to qualify for either the no-cost or low-cost option, you can still get coverage for your uninsured child or teen by paying the full cost of the health coverage. More information about costs is available at

Help spread the word!
All children need health care. Do you know of other kids or teens that don’t have health coverage? Tell your relatives, friends and neighbors about Healthy Kids.
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